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A website is an organization’s greatest asset. Business owners entrust our experts with all their web design and development needs. More than just a digital storefront, a website is an online ‘around the clock’ salesperson. It’s quite often the first interaction anyone has with a brand. As such, it makes sense to ensure the website design and user experience (UX) is set up for success.

At Hard Media, we’re a web design company who prides themselves on getting to know the nitty-gritty of your brand, business and audience. It’s then our responsibility to mesh these together to create magic that makes potential customers convert. Let’s make your website something to be proud of.

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Some of Our Website Design Work

Pushing your audience to convert, plus giving them a meaningful, authentic interaction with your brand, is our main goal (while of course making it look incredible at the same time). We preach good SEO all day long, so it drives us crazy that so many companies design sites that are nice on the eyes – but fail in the eyes of Google. Trust us when we say there’s more to a great website than just good looks. With that in mind, say hello to a powerful, intuitive, mobile-first, UX-inspired website. Brought together by the best technology, creative and content minds. Make your audience have no choice but to convert.

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Why Our Web Design Services are Different

A website reflects a business. As such, it deserves to be treated with care. Our design and development experts listen to your goals, all while sharing expertise shaped by decades of collective experience in digital marketing.

Information Architecture: Our custom websites have a strong foundation of technical SEO. We structure content for search engine optimization, so the search engines will reward you with better rankings.

User Experience Design: UX is at the heart of every successful site. Our team loves stepping into the shoes of the user. In fact, it actually drives every decision we make while creating.

Wireframing and Prototyping: This is a key part of the development process. It allows you to give us feedback, and see how your new site is progressing.

Visual Design: Our artists create stunning and professional website designs to show off your vision. Bring your ideas to life today.

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See how we can make your website design vision come to life – while giving you the results you need.

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