If you’re a marketer, chances are you’ve had your fair share of emails end up in the spam folder. It’s frustrating, especially when you’ve put so much time and effort into crafting the perfect message. But there’s no need to despair! You can take some simple steps to ensure your email ends up in recipients’ inboxes instead of their spam folders. So next time you hit “send,” keep these tips in mind and avoid the disappointment of seeing your hard work go to waste.

Don’t use the word “free” in your subject line
Avoiding your marketing emails from going to the spam folder as a marketer can be tricky, but here’s a surefire way to ensure it doesn’t get flagged: don’t use the word “free” in your subject line. Sure, simply typing “FREE” in all caps might seem like an effective way to catch someone’s attention, but all that will do is land you right in their junk mail and leave your message unread. Instead of using words that seem too good to be true, aim for something more subtle and efficient that won’t trigger spam filters.

Avoid using all caps or all lowercase letters
As a marketer, avoiding the caps and lowercase trap has become a near-impossible challenge! It’s hard not to accidentally slip into all caps when excited about your new product launch or use bulky lowercase letters for extra emphasis. Whether typing in excitement or adding to the ‘creative’ value of your message, it’s important to skip this little shortcut and be mindful of how using all caps or all lowercase letters will affect your attempt at staying out of the dreaded spam folder. Better luck next time, marketers!

Use an email service that offers spam filtering
Are you a marketer whose emails never reach the recipient’s inbox? It could be that your emails are ending up in their spam folder. If so, you’ll want to invest in an email service that offers spam filtering. That way, you’ll never have to worry about your hard-crafted emails being lost in cyberspace – they’ll always land exactly where they belong: the recipient’s inbox!

Keep your list of subscribers up to date
Keeping your list of email subscribers up to date is essential for any savvy digital marketer looking to keep their email campaigns out of the spam zone. After all, who needs an email list full of inactive or unresponsive subscribers? It’s definitely the best way to stay in your customers’ good books and off the blacklist. Of course, understanding how to avoid sending emails straight to the spam box can be tough. Still, a regularly reviewed and refreshed subscriber list helps guarantee that your message will land in its intended inboxes every time.

Don’t send too many emails at once
Your faithful email provider is paying close attention to the number of emails sent and how frequent. Sending too many emails in one go is a surefire way to get them marked as spam, so why not put your energy into crafting well-thought-out and targeted emails instead? You’ll be glad you did when you start seeing far higher engagement rates for your campaigns.

Marketing emails can be a great tool to help you expand your business and keep in contact with customers. However, if those emails end up in the spam folder instead of their intended recipient, the effort has been wasted! It’s important to take proactive steps to make sure your emails are being received as intended. Be sure not to use words like “free,” maintain a healthy email list, and don’t send too many emails simultaneously. Most importantly, remember that no matter what you do, some of your emails will still end up in people’s spam folders— even if you follow all the rules! But that’s no reason to give up trying because at least you’ll know that you did everything within your power. So go forth and flex those marketing muscles for all the world (or inbox) to see!

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