Email: Let's Connect: 937-536-4800
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Email: Let's Connect: 937-536-4800

Key Word Optimization (Semantics)

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About HARD Key Words

Just as wheels without wings leaves you on the runway, content without an SEO strategy won’t get your business off the ground. And just like an plane with no wings, SEO without content is a shiny rocket that goes nowhere.

Content needs SEO to stand out on internet these days, and Google has open stated that one of the top three ranking factors for pure organic search is “Content.”

So…what exactly does that mean? Unfortunately, search engines are not handing out checklists for “high-quality content,” and they probably never will. That means it’s up to the HARD Media team (who loves this sh*t), to study search results, rip through analytics, and create strategies that kill in the market place.

We Love To Talk

Consumers go to Google. We all know it.  The Hard Media search engine optimization (SEO) team puts your website on the first page for valuable keywords. Our average SEO clients see a lower cost per lead than can be achieved with PPC, mailers, newspapers, TV, or virtually any other type of advertising.

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