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The Inconvenient Truth About Facebook Ads

We all must admit that at one point, we all felt Facebook ads were something that we could just simply turn on and just like magic – leads start spitting out. We now know that this entirely not the case and that most of us that dabble in Facebook ads have been terribly disappointed. This isn’t something that should discourage us because Facebook ads do actually work. We just have to learn the rules of this game. 

Before we jump into some fundamental things that can make Facebooks ads work for you or your business, we must first understand that Facebook is not designed for businesses to sell their products or services. A bit of an oxymoron because Facebook has an ad feature, but Facebook was designed strictly for the consumer to enjoy content. A puppy and baby sleeping peacefully. Grandma’s 90th birthday. This is what gets the most engagement and this is what the consumer is looking for most of the time as well. So now that you understand what you’re up against, let’s talk about how to get your ads noticed and start seeing real conversions. 

  1. What’s the goal of the ad? Is it to get more leads, is just simply brand awareness? Are we trying to drive the end user back to a landing page to retrieve information or do we want the end user to see the ad and have a click-to-call option? We have to know what we’re trying to accomplish with the ad and from there, we design the ad specifically to fulfill that purpose. When setting up the ad Facebook will give you options. Select the best that applies to your ad purpose:
  • Brand Awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App Installs
  • Video Views
  • Leads
  • Messages
  • Conversions
  • Catalog
  • Store Visits
  1. Proper Targeting This can be tricky for most because sometimes we like to target too broadly. Facebook can certainly put your ad in front 200 million if you want. Very doable. But the problem is, how many of that 200 million will actually buy? The name of game is “narrow is always better”. For most small businesses, they know where their customers are coming from. So when setting target parameters, use zip codes opposed to just setting a radius based on miles. This allows the ad to circulate in specific areas that are your prime territories. If you are selling a product or service that is more of a commodity. For instance apparel, you can be more general in your search. But even with commodity products and services, zip code targeting can still be very useful.
  2. Choosing content for the Ad Think about fishing for a moment. The content you choose for your ad is very similar to the bait at the end of the pole. Your bait will attract certain fish. So you want it to be quality and engaging! If you’re putting out ads with poor content, just like fishing, you won’t get many bites. I’m not saying that the content you choose has to be the most amazing piece of content ever made, but it’s got to draw people/fish in. Sometimes people think aesthetics are everything and completely miss the message. The end user may be attracted to the bright and shiny object but if they don’t get what they’re looking at, they’ll scroll by your ad in a heart beat. Unlike commercials on TV, they do NOT have to engage. So make sure you’re ad is not only aesthetically pleasing, but gets to the point and doesn’t confuse the end user. 
  3. Allowing Facebook to Optimize Your Ad This is the part that many struggle to grasp and often pull the ad too soon because they feel that it isn’t working. Before you run any ad, make sure you understand that it may take some time. This is not some magical situation where you hit a button and the ad just starts to churn leads. Dues will be paid and part of that due paying process is “optimizing” the ad. Facebook will need some time to understand your audience and how the ad should work best. We’ve seen one too many clients that we refer to as “lead fiends” not allow the ad to run and for Facebook to learn to the ad, and pull the ad to soon out of impatience. This process can take a week and sometimes up to 90 days. So if you’re going to invest into this game, understand that it might not be an overnight success!

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